From the beggining

The Kobe Magyarország Kft.’s flagship product is the „Kolbice” which is an conventionally tasteful, special cone shaped bread with custom-made, grilled sausages with different toppings and sauces. Redefining the traditional Hungarian Bavarian sausage consumption. Our unique touch is in the shape, size and serving of the ingredients: the bread and the sausages. Our clients are free to customize their own Kolbice, but we offer them basic variations. We have 7 fix local stores (5 open all year, 2 seasonal) in Budapest downtown, and we are planning to be presented in all over Europe with our franchise possibilities.We participate in Hungary’s and the world’s biggest festivals too in every year with our food truck, for example in the Sziget Festival, Balaton Sound, B My Lake, Christmas Market Budapest, Volt Festival, Efott Festival, WAMP in Kaprun, European Street Food Show and other street food , beer and music festivals.